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No excuses.

"Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses."  - Kobe Bryant

Look your best.


Costa Christ Media offers a wide range of professional marketing services ranging from MLS listing photography to parallax website design. Our business is driven by a genuine passion for making people, places and things look their best.

High quality photography.


High quality photography plays a role in every single project we execute. Our mission is to produce images that highlight critical levels of detail and evoke powerful emotion in each viewer.

Strictly natural light.®


Strictly natural light.® photography removes the superfluous 

elements of the craft and focuses on the art of each image.   

Day or night, this technique has been mastered to render pure,

vibrant,  razor-sharp results in practically any setting.

Every detail matters.


Our process is meticulous by design. Every pixel is conditioned before an image is exported. From balancing shadows and highlights to sharpening angles and straight lines, we work tirelessly to unveil the beauty in every raw image.



All images personally crafted by Costa Christ.

Interiors - Designer


Interiors - Architect / Builder

Interiors - Realtor



Our favorite achievement is always the next one.



Modern movement, clean design, outfitted with high quality photography.



"Your brand is only as good as your reputation."  - Richard Branson

"Costa has shot several of our modern homes. His creative eye for detail combined with his technique of shooting only with natural light produces stunning images that beautifully represent the design intent and quality of our homes."


Bauhaus Custom Homes




Costa Christ Media, LLC

Dallas, Texas, USA

TEL: 214·675·0801


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